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Friday, August 26, 2011

All white Whitetails are so cool!

Irregardless of how many times we have viewed Whitetail Fawns, the thrill is always there.  Tonight the thrill was even greater because we got to see two Albino fawns.  Yup, you heard it right, two white Whitetail fawns.  Whoda' Thunk!  These cute little critters are completely white.  Unfortunately, we arrived at this location a bit later than what we had intended so we weren't able to position ourselves for some decent pictures. One of the white fawns was especially jumpy and wasn't going to stick around for pictures.  I did get one picture of him on the far side of the field with Mom close by.

 The second albino fawn was doing a great job of hiding in the corn just 50 feet in front of me.  For 10 minutes I tried to sneak closer in an effort to get a clear picture but for 10 minutes this little guy sat tight and wouldn't move until he suddenly exploded into motion like toast out of a toaster.  Let's just say his reaction time was much quicker than my reaction time.  Perhaps tomorrow night we will be better prepared and staged.

All was not lost though as we saw a lot of deer and loads of real nice buck.  We saw one group of 8 deer and 7 out of 8 had real nice racks.  It was a great night for Whitetails.  This post isn't about good images because they clearly aren't good pictures.  I was handholding a long lens with pretty long shutter speeds due to it being dusk.  This post is more about the subject matter which is nice bucks and albino fawns.  Maybe tomorrow it will be about nice images.  Time will tell!

A lousy picture but that is one of the Albino fawns and the Momma.

Okay, here's a little better picture but as it was nearing dusk and we were a good ways away, the picture is so-so.

 It was great to see so many Whitetails and lots of beautiful bucks.

Both of these are going to be real nice bucks!

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