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Monday, June 20, 2011

Circuit Riding Minister

Most likely the term "Circuit Riding Minister" isn't too familiar to you.  To be quite honest we would be in the same boat if we hadn't stumbled onto this monument in an old and forgotten cemetery in Cameron County.  When we discovered this monument it prompted us to learn more about it.  This particular Minister traveled from to place to place sharing the word of God to all that would listen.  At this time he was affiliated with the Evangelical United Brethren which later became the United Methodist.

One thing for certain, the life of a circuit riding minister was not easy in the 1800's.  They faced many dangers and hardships as they traveled by horseback from town to town, church to church, and sometimes house to house.  Their families nervously awaited their return each time they ventured out on their circuit.  Sometimes they were on the dusty trail for many days at a time. The name of his circuit was known as the Fallen Timber Circuit named that because of the many lumber camps he visited.

What makes Rev Thomas Hollen especially amazing is the fact that even considering the difficult life he lived on the road he managed to outlive his entire family.  It's unbelieveable that he still kept a strong faith despite the fact that he had to witness the death of all his children.  Two of his children only lived to the age of 3.  One passed away at 5 years of age and one made it to the teens.  The oldest child passed away at 20 years old.  That had to be such a burden to bear to bury all of your children.  He also outlived his wife.  I'm including both sides of his monument so you can see it for yourself.  This is one of those things that make you say, "Whoda' Thunk"!  Amazingly this is located in a spot that many drive by hundreds of times but few know about.

BREAKING NEWS...this just in!
New info has surfaced since this post was published and we thought we should share this.  The first bit of info is that we found that he had another daughter that preceded him in death.  She married a Johnson who was one of the early settlers of Grant.  She and her husband J.O. are buried in Summerson Cemetery in Benezette Twp.  More amazing to us is that the famous Tom Mix the well known local cowboy/actor was named after his grandfather who happens to be the subject of this post Rev. Thomas Hollen the Circuit Riding Minister.   Whoda' Thunk!!

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